WBLCD: Preserving White Bear Lake for future generations

The WBLCD presently has several ordinances in effect specific to protecting White Bear Lake. Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department Water Patrol has the responsibility of enforcing those ordinances in criminal court on the behalf of the WBLCD; ordinance #15 allows persons who have been given a citation for violation of a WBLCD ordinance the choice of a civil hearing instead.

WBLCD Ordinances cover:

• Winter/ice related rules
• Rules on Types and Operation of watercraft
• Restriction on taking any water out of White Bear Lake when elevation is below 923.5
• Commercial business activity on the lake
• Operation and Rental of Personal Watercraft
• Licensing of Multi-user or multiple docks, moorings, slips, slides, and permanent structures or anything outside of an authorized dock usage area
• Pollution issues including those which might result from gatherings of over 50 persons on White Bear Lake (requires a permit)

Copies of all ordinances are available on request and are posted on the WBLCD website:

Ordinance #5 - relating to the construction, installation, maintenance and licensing of docks, boat mooring areas and other fixed or floating structures on White Bear Lake.

Ordinance #6 - an ordinance regulating the appropriation and use of water from White Bear Lake.

Ordinance #7 - regulating commercial sales from watercraft on White Bear Lake; requiring a license; establishing licensing procedure and requirements.

Ordinance #9 - regulating operation and rental of personal watercraft on White Bear Lake.

Ordinance #12 - relating to buoys and access to navigable waters, docks and structures (amends #5).

Ordinance #13 - clarifying the meaning of the definitions of "watercraft" and "commercial sales activity".

Ordinance #14 - an ordinance prohibiting pollution of White Bear Lake as a part of comprehensive program to eliminate pollution.

Ordinance #15 - an ordinance providing a choice between civil hearings or criminal hearings of citations for violations of Ordinances of the White Bear Lake Conservation District.

Ordinance #16 - types of watercraft permitted on the lake, their equipment, the manner of their operation, their rental, scuba diving, and other matters. (Amends and replaces Ordinance #4 as of May 18, 2004)

Ordinance #17 - an ordinance relating to the placement and enforcement of navigational markings on White Bear Lake.

Ordinance # 18 - an ordinance to regulate the conduct of vehicular activity on the ice of White Bear Lake.



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